Bing Chat Enterprise (with Copilot) not using 'external' web data?

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We have turned on Bing Chat Enterprise to give our users protected access to use GPT/LLM in their daily work. This seems to work as expected. However, when a user is given the Copilot license the Chat in changes to an Internal View that seems to Only use internal data (from Microsoft Graph) when generating answers. I’m not sure what Microsoft's thinking here?

Question: How can I use the default Bing Chat Enterprise that uses external web data when I have the Copilot license?

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@knutsalv based on their most recent AMA, there were a few Q/As relating to this:

  1. Bing Chat Enterprise doesn't have access to your files, emails, or work data in Microsoft 365 - unless you copy this information into the chat. Otherwise it only has access to information from the public web or that appears in your Edge browser (if you've granted the Edge sidebar permission to use page context).
  2. If the customer has M365 Copilot, they will have all the capabilities of Bing Chat Enterprise.

Are you currently using both Bing Chat Enterprise along with Copilot on the EAP? Microsoft hasn't reported any kind of limitation involving both of these so it doesn't sound like it's working as intended!


@BA_Max Yes, we are using Bing Chat Enterprise along with Copilot on the EAP.
As you can see (from the below) the replies from Bing Chat Enterprise on this topic are inconsistent and confusing.

Given the question: Can you search for information outside my organization?

We have received the following replies:

Yes, I can search for information outside your organization. I can perform web searches to find information on a wide range of topics. What would you like me to search for?

No, I am not able to search for information outside of your organization. As a Microsoft 365 Copilot, my search capabilities are limited to the data and information within your organization's Microsoft 365 environment. This includes emails, files, chats, and other data stored within your organization. I am not able to access or search for information outside of your organization’s Microsoft 365 environment.


A better solution, we believe, would anyway be to separate the Chat into either internal or external focus: Own organization (Microsoft Graph) as one option, and the Bing Chat Interface as it looks without the Copilot license as the other option. It's rather confusing how the Bing Chat Enterprise interface and behavior now changes completely when you have the Copilot license even if the URL is the same.



We have the same issue and I agree the behaviour is really confusing!  This can't be the desired outcome, as the whole benefit of using a chat application in a web browser must be that it can reference content on the internet.


In terms of what it should do, rather than splitting the functionality, we would like the response from BCE/Copilot in Bing to be a combination of searching internally and externally, but with references to where the element of the response came from (just like it already does), so users are clear - maybe adding a label to the start of the reference text [org] or [external] perhaps?  That would be most powerful / flexible, I think?

I think what you describe is close to how it’s supposed to work now. The problem seems to be that the focus now is 90% on internal sources, which becomes frustrating when you already know that the answer to your query is not found in internal emails and chats.
The best option now, while Microsoft is working on improving the Bing Chat (which is now called Microsoft 365 Copilot), would be to keep this a separate option and keep the Bing Chat Enterprise with the external focus available in parallel.

@knutsalv - interesting - I'm not convinced that Microsoft 365 Copilot is searching the web at all! I've not been able, for example, to get it to tell me who the president of the USA is.

You are right :)
I’m sorry, but I couldn’t find any information about the current president of the USA from my search results. Is there anything else I can help you with?
Bug or design... that is the question.




It looks like you need to assign the license for "Bing Chat Enterprise" under the new “Microsoft 365 E5 Extra Features” in the O365 Admin portal. That will give you a switch at the top of the chat window so you can switch between M365 Chat and Bing Chat. That worked for us. Good luck!