Assistance Needed in Setting Up Microsoft Copilot for My Team

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Hello Microsoft 365 Admin Community,


I require your expertise in setting up Microsoft Co-pilot for my team based in Hong Kong. We are using Microsoft 365 Business Standard licenses and primarily operate on Mac system. Could you please provide guidance on the essential presets and configurations needed to prepare for Co-pilot's implementation?

Specifically, I would appreciate your assistance with the following:

  1. Mac Compatibility: Please confirm if Microsoft Co-pilot is fully compatible with Mac operating systems and specify any system requirements, if applicable.

  2. License Verification: As Microsoft 365 Business Standard license holders, do we have access to Microsoft Co-pilot? If not, kindly advise on the necessary steps to obtain the required licenses.

  3. Configuration Steps: Could you provide a concise guide or direct me to official documentation outlining the setup process for Microsoft Co-pilot?

  4. User Onboarding: Any recommended best practices or tips for effectively onboarding team members onto the Microsoft Co-pilot platform would be greatly appreciated.

Your prompt response and guidance are highly valued as we strive to optimize our productivity and collaboration using Microsoft Co-pilot.

Thank you for your assistance.


Best regards,


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Copilot not available for Business Standard. Only M365 E3 and E5 at lauch. Maybe M365 BP later.
The minimum licence is 300 Copilot and not available at this time in CSP (I think you are in CSP.

Thanks for the reply. I do see conflicting information. Some people say Business Standard is abailable. I guess I'll double check and see what are the options. @LUDOVIK DOPIERALA 

Trust me. No m365 BP at launch. Later you will have.
More information after ignite. I will let you known

@LUDOVIK DOPIERALA Thanks for the answer. Would love to know when BP will be available. 

@tory1234 me too :) we have some customer with M365 BP who need  copilot too.

may be we will have more information at ms Ignite, wait and see.

You move your licence now from business standard to business premium.
After this upgrade you should deploy Purview, migrate local file server to m365.
More copilot have information better it is


Hi, this is finally official information confirmed by Microsoft! Work faster and smarter with Bing Chat Enterprise - Microsoft Community Hub

"To support their business objectives one of our newest AI offerings, Bing Chat Enterprise, is now available (in preview) for all Microsoft 365 Business Standard and Business Premium customers at no additional cost. Bing Chat Enterprise is an AI-powered web chat that will you get instant answers, insights, and creative inspiration for your team’s business needs—all while security and data protection you expect from Microsoft. "

As others have pointed out, you’ll need E5 Licenses as well as M365 Co-Pilot licenses. I’m currently using a MacBook Pro M2 Max with Microsoft Office, and it’s fantastic. I’ve used both Windows and Mac, and the experience with Co-Pilot on the MacBook is truly impressive.