Lost in Translation?
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Configuration Manager is localized and released in eighteen server languages and twenty-two client languages. As we implement new features in each update release, new user interface (UI) elements are created and new strings are added and translated into our localized languages.


We would like to get your feedback to help improve our language quality. To make it easy for you to discover and review the new UI, we have uploaded PDF files that contain the new UI changes for Configuration Manager 1902 for each language.


How to review

  1. Download the CM1902 Localized UI review cab file and extract the files.
  2. Select the PDF for the language you would like to review.  See the language reference below.
  3. Read through the screenshots of the new UI and the highlighted changed areas on the existing UI.
  4. Send us feedback from Configuration Manager Console.
  5. In the description include:
    • the PDF filename you are reviewing
    • the item ID for that UI
    • The string you are giving feedback on
    • Your comments or proposed replacement string



Note: for this type of feedback you may uncheck the option “Include additional diagnostic data to assist us in reviewing this issue”.


Language reference

Chinese (PRC) – chs

Chinese (Taiwan) - cht

Czech – csy

Danish – dan

Dutch (Netherlands) – nld

English (USA) - enu

Finnish – fin

French - fra

German – deu

Greek- ell

Hungarian - hun

Italian – ita

Japanese – jpn

Korean – kor

Norwegian (Bokmal) – nor

Polish – plk

Portuguese (Brazil) – ptb

Portuguese – ptg

Russian - rus

Spanish (Modern) – esn

Swedish – sve

Turkish - trk


You are welcome to send us feedback about the language quality in the Configuration Manager user interfaces at any time through Send-a-Smile in the Configuration Manager console.


Thanks for your help!

The Configuration Manager Team


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