Not enough place for a translated word in German when adding meeting details

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Hi there,


I tried to add meeting details in my One Note Online Notebook by using the button in the Home tab. OneNote asked me to login in a task pane. When I click on the button for Login, I get a message, that the meeting details would like to open a new window. In this window, the bottom right button includes a text, which is a little bit cutted. This test was done in Chrome.




Note: I could not test this with my dummy user for English in my Office 365, because nothing happens. Meaning, I click on Meeting Details and nothing happens, no error message for example. This test was made in Internet Explorer 11, where I also tried with the popup-blocker disabled. I did not configure anything for this dummy user (all defaults) in Office 365, so I will not exclude I had to some configuration, don't know.


Once, I accepted that a new window is opened, a login window is displayed in Chrome asking me to login. Doing this. leads to the following window, informing me that OneNote needs some authorizations. In this window, the needed permissions are untranslated.







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Thanks for reporting this Mourad. We will investigate it. We will publish our Power BI Dashboard with competition results on November 30th. Regards, Declan