Announcing the August Teams Localization Contest on the Tech Community


Hi Office International Community! We're looking for feedback on how the localized (non-English) version of Teams is landing in your market. We're running a contest from August 20th to August 31st to find language issues on localized versions of Teams and are giving away a $100 Amazon voucher to the top 3 contributors for highest creation of new, original posts.
Here’s how to enter:


     1. Click on your picture
     2. Select Keyboard shortcuts



    3. Open Keyboard shortcuts and try using them-
          a. Do localized keyboard shortcuts work fine and as expected for you?
          b. Are the translations understandable?


     1. Click in the “Search or type commands” field in the top bar



     2. After clicking the field text will change to:



     3. Type “/” and to get a list of commands:


     4. Verify if translations are clear and understandable
     5. Try to use commands
If you see anything you think should be fixed or improved, submit your entry by selecting  “start a new conversation” in the Competitions space with as much detail as possible:
 • Language
 • Description of issue 
 • Steps to reproduce your issue 
 • Device/OS/Browser
 • Current translation 
 • Suggested translation  
 • English text (if known) 
 • Reason why you feel it should change  
 • Screenshot


Competition Rules
Full details of the competitions, eligibility and rules are available in this post. Note: U.S. export regulations prohibit the export of goods and services to Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria. Therefore, residents of these countries/regions are not eligible to participate. 


Thank you for supporting Teams, we encourage you to submit your feedback and contribute to improving the localization quality!



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