Introducing "Major Updates"


Major Updates to the Office 365 services require administrator attention. They impact the way users engage with the software, and Office 365 customers need to be aware of the plans, the general timing, and have control to ensure that information is protected.


Definition of "Major Update"


  1. Changes to daily productivity such as inbox, meetings, delegations, sharing and access. 
  2. Changes to the themes, web parts and other components that may impact customizations. 
  3. Increases or decreases to visible capacity such as storage, number of rules, items or durations.   
  4. Rebranding that may cause end-user confusion or result in help desk / collateral changes or URL changes. 
  5. A new service or application.
  6. Changes requiring an admin action (exclusive of prevent / fix).
  7. Changes to where data is stored.


In the weeks following MSIgnite, the Message Center communications - web UI, weekly digest, and new emails - will flag "Major Updates" so that admins can receive email notifications and know how long that capability will be in Targeted Release before reaching Standard Release. During Targeted Release (formerly referred to as First Release), the capability will be enabled for any tenant or user set to Targeted Release, and tenant admins can configure or disable the feature.


Settings that are applied during Targeted Release carry forward to Standard Release so that you can comfortably prepare for new releases. For organizations that want to allow the evergreen service to update seamlessly, no action is required, and Major Update emails can be disabled.


Want to learn more? Check out the MSIgnite session where we do a deep dive into the new functionality, announcements, and strategy: 


[BRK2044] Manage an evergreen service: Office 365 release policies and communication processes  

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Great news Brian, and will be a great session !

Thanks Brian! These enhancements are *just* as important as the major products updates. Great to see this maturity developing.
Awewsome, this is something I will add to my slides for SPS Mexico :)
Sounds good! Let me know if you want some of the slides and screen shots to use.

I just saw the Major Release notice in our message center.  This is absolutely awesome -- we've struggled with managing changes in Office 365 for our organization for 3+ years.  Thanks for implementing this!

Thanks for the feedback, and I'm glad you like it! Also, thanks for using the Message Center feedback - we really do read all the responses :)

Please keep in mind that the information will only be published in English.

It is very important for me, because I have so much time that I would like to ask myself what you mean by your postings probably exactly.


A little unimportant example of how the Microsoft Translator helps me never to get an overview.



You wrote:

We’ll begin rolling out to the rest of the world beginning in November.


In German, says the translator, it states::

Wir fangen an, den Rest der Welt beginnend im November zu Rollen.


What is translated back into English then means:

We begin to roll the rest of the world starting in November.


So I'm going to prepare my users to roll them all around, in November.

Thanks ...

Does this announcement apply to both Office365 web apps and Click-to-run software installs?

Message Center is now live, great new and awesome !

Does this also apply to CRM under O365?

Hi Mark, can you elaborate on "CRM under O365" to ensure I answer correctly? The Office 365 change processes do not apply to CRM, but they do apply to Office 365. Not sure that's addressing your question though...