Groups no longer send a copy of messages to the sender, even if sender is subscribed to the Group

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Spotted on Reddit this morning (3 day old thread):


I have had an influx of people complaining that when they send a message to a 365 group, they no longer get a copy of their own message. Does anyone know what is causing this and how to make it go back to it's original behavior?


I received a Message Center notification about it yesterday:


We have recently fixed the email sending behavior to a group, where senders had complained about receiving the emails they send to a group, back in their personal inbox.

How does this affect me?
With this fix, senders will no longer receive the emails they send to a group in their personal inbox.

The primary complaints we heard were about reading the same message users sent to a group multiple times - in their sent messages and their inbox. This fix makes it convenient for those users who have a habit of adding themselves to CC to keep track of their sent messages in inbox.

We are rolling out this fix now, and it will be completed by the end of February.


Not sure who was complaining about the old behavior. I can't find anything on Uservoice for that specific complaint, nor did I see it popping up in support forums. Anyway, if your users are wondering why it's now different, there's the explanation.

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Woohoo! Just saw this today in my personal tenant too.
It was annoying the bajingos out of me! So must've just been me they listened to. :p
There is a discussion over here with some Microsoft guy explaining why this change ^-^...Indeed, this is the thread:

Yeah I read it there too. I found it quite redundant to delete my own emails.

Me and my clients too, good feature. It will keep the Inbox more Clean.

For those replacing Exchange Distribution Lists with O365 Groups, the expected behaviour is that the sender does receive a copy of emails that they send (if sending to a group that they are a member of). I can understand some NOT wanting to receive their own messages, but others (especially if coming from a DL) WOULD want to receive it, as "that's the way it has always worked before".

I understand that may be backward thinking, but it would be nice to give us the choice how we want the behavior to work. Sometimes, it is just easier for my users if I can keep something working as it has, even if only to make a transition go more smoothly from old ways of doing things to new ways.

Hi @Paul Cunningham 


Surely this should be an option that the sender can set ?


It is very confusing explaining this to end users.