Events from Email now showing up in Calendars


Hello, today we got to see "Events from Email" and what it means to our users.   This is a new feature that is "on by default" and users must individually opt-out.  


Now, you ask, how harmful can it be to have Office365 read my travel itinerary and automatically populate my calendar with my Flight, Hotel, and Car reservations for an upcoming business trip? 


Honestly, not harmful at all.  Except, every manager gets a copy of their employees itinerary.  Every admin gets a copy of their executive's itinerary.


And, this dang new feature is entering all of this in everyone's calendars.     No longer a fan of this so how do I/we turn it off programatically?  Trying to save a  communications to thousands of mailboxes shining a spotlight on how little control we actually have over what Microsoft does to us.


 We've a Premier case opened trying to learn what we can, but i fear that we'll be doing a lot of tap dancing today on this one.


Change Alerts team, I hope I've saved someone else the grief I am about to go through.

(user config image below).

User Configuration in Outlook on the WebUser Configuration in Outlook on the Web

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Since when do managers of a user automatically get anything from the users mailbox?

Ivan, its a workflow thing.  The point I was trying to make is the unintended or unexpected impact when mail is received that suggest travel planning.

Do you mean a "Microsoft Flow" thing, or just a rule in your mailbox, or for all mailboxes?

In any case, I would classify this more as a workflow problem, than a auto mail problem as most tenants probably do not auto forward stuff to their managers.

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I dont have the feature yet in my tenant, but I can see that they have added the relevant attributes to the Get-MailboxCalendarConfiguration output. So, try changing it via PowerShell:


Set-MailboxMessageConfiguration vasil -EventsFromEmailEnabled $false


Chances are it will not work, as even if they do plan to allow us to control it on behalf of the user, the admin control comes at a later stage. But yeah, the "new features always on" mantra is tiring, we've had this discussion numerous times already and they simply refuse to see the fact, that for some organizations this is not the right approach. Or they do see it, but having telemetry show how everyone in O365 is using the new cool feature is more important :)

Beyond tiring, it's AGGRAVATING!!!


@Vasil Michev wrote:

the "new features always on" mantra is tiring

Thanks Vasi.  Premier was stunned by this when we called today, but they just a few moments ago came back to us with that same Powershell Command...  - David

So it does work then? :) As I mentioned, I was unable to actually test it as the feature is yet not available in my tenant(s).

Vasil, if you are asking me if the new feature that automically added calendar events based on the content of mail?  Yes, it works.  


If you are asking me if the powershell to disable works?  We don't know yet, but will try against a few mailboxes later today.


I just think the new feature  has some unintended consequences in that it can't tell between mail for my travel, and the mail I forwarded to my manager.  Both received the "benefit" which promptly became a request to "turn it off, turn it off".  Now, turning it off on entire enterprise by default is new work for us.   I raised this to the Change Alert group in hopes of saving others my pain and this does create pain in that (again) work is created by Microsoft and the default ON approach that they contniue to impose on us, the paying customer.

I meant the PowerShell, as I'm kinda suspecting it will not actually work. They rarely seem to give us the admin control option right from the feature launch nowadays, if they even give it at all...

It is a case they fear that without things on by default that their efforts to create new functionality will remain unused and no one senior will ever see it and realise how in their situation how useful it can be. Which I perfectly understand.


However off first and let us piecemeal switch it on for testing and try with some test users first. Especially in large orgs as the lost productivity from these new feature launches can be very high.

Vasil, yes it did work if we add the Get-Mailbox and pipe it into the Set-MailboxCalendarConfiguration command.

$true worked also.


We can now proceed and turn it off on all mailboxes, and allow user to enable if they desire and also provision new mailboxes with it off.   Glad we can do this, but hate that we have to  - David


Get-Mailbox testuser |Set-MailboxCalendarConfiguration -EventsFromEmailEnabled $false


Awesome, thanks for confirming David.  So we did get controls with the release of the new feature. Following this model is the least other teams within Microsoft should when it comes to change release.


And yes, I agree that obviously they want to bring people's attention to new features so the dev efforts are not in vain. Nothing wrong with that, as long as the feature is introduced well in advance, passes the first release cycle and we're given options to turn it off if needed. There are at least 7m tenants using O365 now, judging by the output we get from the SHD API, there's no way a single configuration can fit all those users, so control is key.

Our users like this feature when it is their own travel itineraries.  Like David, our organization uses a Travel and Expense tool (very popular one) that sends an email to the supervisor of the traveler for approval.  In that email, is the flight information, so it automatically adds that the traveler's trip information to the supervisor's calendar.  Looking for a mail rule or something that users or admins can set to turn it off based on subject line or some other message attribute.