Using Azure DevOps Repos to manage multiple implementations

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inside a DevOps project I can use the related Repos.

For the same project I need to manage some implementations, f.e. a web app, ADF pipelines, and so on.

Now, in order to use the control versioning for each different implementation, do I need create different files for the same Repos or can I create a new repos for the same project? Thanks 

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Hey @Pasquale,

Great question! When dealing with multiple implementations within the same DevOps project, you've got a couple of options for version control. One approach is to organize your different implementations within separate folders inside the same repository. This way, you maintain a centralized repository for the entire project, and each implementation has its own dedicated space. Changes made to one won't interfere with the others.

Alternatively, if the implementations are quite distinct and you prefer more isolation, you can indeed create separate repositories for each implementation. This can be particularly handy if different teams or stakeholders are handling each implementation independently.

The key is to find a balance based on your project's structure and collaboration needs. Whether it's within one repository or across several, Azure DevOps gives you the flexibility to manage version control effectively.