Show release/deployment status in Azure Devops pull requests


Is there a way to show the release/deployment status in pull requests in Azure Devops? We'd like to know which PRs have made it through certain releases (web app staging vs web app production, service int vs service production, etc) by just looking at a PR. Maybe with PR labels, or in the "summary" rollup at the top of PRs. By "made it through" I mean that a PR has commits that have been successfully released at a specific stage.


We know it's possible to "Link work items deployments", and that we can link work items to pull requests, but is it possible to just link pull requests to deployments directly?


We think there's a way to do this through some complicated scripts that use the Azure Devops REST Apis in our release pipeline tasks, but maybe there's a built in way to do something similar that we're not aware of.


Thanks in advance for any help!

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