Report - Timeline of Epic Showing Child Items

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I am looking for help to create a report.


The criteria I am looking for is a report showing the timeline of the Epic and directly below in the Epic it will show the Child items (Features) & these child items will include their individual timelines.


Any help appreciated.


Thank you!



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Hi Paul!


As a disclaimer I work for minware, a company that develops Agile Intelligence tools, and this is something we handle using our Azure integration. However, there is a native solution that can solve for half of it. For more information about the Epic Roadmap on Azure you can visit Microsoft's guide here. Unfortunately, I'm unaware of another native option.


That being said our plug and play dashboard combines version control, ticketing, and calendar data to automate reporting. We've just launched a new predictive roadmap, in addition to our sprint insights reports so that we can help dive into dependencies and build predictability into the teams we work with.


Our roadmap can be broken down by epic, or task assignee, and you can expand each to view the progress of stories or tasks. We also automatically provide visibility into dependencies and weigh weekends to help make it as reliable as possible.

Predictive Roadmap.pngminware - roadmap subtask grouping.png


If you are interested in more detailed reporting please let me know, and I will be happy to help!