Query DevOps for Feature duration

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We're using the Feature Timeline to create a high-level planning of Features across Iterations. Some are single-iteration features, but some span multiple Iterations.


I want to get the Feature information into Excel with the Team addin, including the beginning and ending iteration. However, when I query, I get a single Iteration for each Feature. Which Iteration is returned seems to depend on the first Iteration where the Feature was planned. So I cannot see from the query data whether a Feature spans multiple iterations, and not even if the Iteration returned with the Feature is the first or last Iteration the Feature is planned in.


I've included all available Date/Duration/remotely relevant columns to see if I can find out if the information I need is available somewhere. Apparently not: all Date columns except Created/Changed are empty, and there's nothing Duration-like.


Since the Feature Timeline 'knows' that some features span multiple Iterations, the information must be stored somewhere.




Screenshots included: Feature 26417 in the Feature Timeline, spanning sprints 6 and 7; and the same Feature in a Team query in Excel, showing no date information and only the Iteration Path to sprint 6.

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