Provide a complete infrastructure with multiple servers and own application in the Azure Marketplace

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Hi, I am just learning about Azure and Azure Marketplace. 


My idea is to provide a one-click solution that covers the complete infrastructure including server, virtual network and applications on the tenant of the customer. 



The customer should be able to get a complete infrastructure as follows: 

  • Windows Sever with three of our own applications additionally Microsoft SQL Server Express, MongoDB and IIS 
  • One to three Ubuntu with our own application, which is a Deb package. 
  • All four machines must be connected to the virtual network. 
  • One machine will need two network interfaces; one accessible from the internet and one for the internal network 
  • Furthermore, some configuration information like personal data needs to be entered to get our application running.  



  • Is it possible to enter some personal data by using some dialogues provided by Azure or with a json/xml configuration file that the customer can put in a specific location? 
  • We release new versions of our applications quarterly. What is the procedure for updating the application that runs on the server in Azure that runs in the client's tenant?  
    • Is it possible that a message appears when an update is available on the client's server?  
    • I am thinking of the Google Play Store and the Android phone. On the Android phone, the user frequently sees the message that an update is available.  
  • What is the best approach to create a one-click solution? 
    • Install a Sever with all the applications in my environment, convert it to a VHD and put it on the Azure Marketplace. 
    • Add our applications to the Marketplace, create a Sever directly in Azure, install all our applications from the Azure Marketplace, configure the network (encode the virtual network) and put it on the Marketplace? 
    • (How) Can we automate the creation of the instances, the network, policies, routes, software installation, etc.?
  • If any of you have already done it, what is the time effort to realize this project?
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