Possible to use migrate code repo to GitHub for existing on-prem AzureDevOps Server project?

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I'm learning that my corporation may soon mandate that we store our source code in GitHub.  Currently we're using an on premises Azure DevOps 2020 server with Azure Git Repos.  If we have to make this migration, we would like to continue using our server for managing work items, test cases, builds, pull requests etc.


I see in the build (pipeline) definition, it's easy to have the build pull from "GitHub Enterprise Server".  Is it straightforward to switch my existing project to use a GitHub repo?  I've spent a few minutes searching the net but haven't found any information.


If this isn't possible, is there some sort of a tool I can have running that syncs my Azure Git repo with a corresponding GitHub repo?  Not exactly what corporate wants...  but...


Thanks for any help.

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