Pagination not working in Releases REST API of Azure DevOps

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We are using the following Releases API to get the Releases of a Project:{organization}/{project}/_apis/release/releases?api-version=7.1-preview.8


This API uses the following pagination parameters:

1. $top

2. continuationToken


We have 3 releases in one of our Projects in our Azure DevOps instance. When we set the value of $top=1 and hit the above mentioned API on Postman, ideally a continuation token should come in the response through which we can iterate to next records. But we are not getting any token in the response and therefore unable to implement the pagination. 


Don't know whether its a bug in this API or am I missing something. Please help me out to resolve this issue as we have to respond to our client regarding one Azure DevOps Use Case.



Felis Paul

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