Open source/free scheduler and monitoring tool

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I am looking for a piece of software with the following scheduling and monitoring functionality:

  • Windows 10 x64 support
  • Scheduling various types of apps, e.g. python 3 scripts, bash scripts, console app
  • Monitoring all launched apps (running, finished or failed statuses)
  • Start/Restart/Pause/Stop a service (I know that my apps should be services in order to support that so it is nice to have)
  • Running in parallel multiple subflows with dependencies, possibly multiple dependencies but within 1 subflow everything acyclic (DAG). For example, I launch process 'a'. Processes 'b' and 'c' are waiting for finishing of the process 'a'. Processes 'b' and 'c' start together. After each process there is one or more processes that are waiting for the previous processes. For example, after 'b' there is 'd', after 'c' there is 'e'. 'd' start after 'b' ends, 'e' starts after 'c', not earlier and not later. Entire flow is cyclic, which means we return to the initial process. I am attaching a diagram that represents symantically the described flow where each block size roughly represents duration of of its execution and location its start & end.IWXbX.png


I tried Power Automate Desktop(free) but it looks like it doesn't have process monitoring and running in parallel several subflows as described above. Is there an open source / free tool that might satisfy my requirements?

Thanks in advance!

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