Integration with JIRA & Service Now for work items synching

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Hi Community, 

I am sure there are posts regarding Azure Boards < - > JIRA or SNOW integration, however I want to think of a solution to synchronize tasks/ issues from both JIRA and SNOW to Azure Boards that is seamless and cost effective. 

At the moment we have 1 Azure devops instance, 1 JIRA instance and 1 SNOW instance.

So far the tools that I have come across are:
1. Exalate - very simple extensions that will be able to sync all 3 instances. However the price is on the high side. 
2. TFS4JIRA - Only supports JIRA -> Azure, and price CAN be high with more users. 
3. Build your own connector -> I believe all 3 platforms exposes APIs, anyone here has actually done it and can share your experiences? 

I'm open to any suggestions.

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Your research seems spot on actually. Let me work my way bottom up. So the DIY approach is definitely a valid option, but this requires a lot of development resources to be committed from your end. It is not just about accessing API endpoints to fetch and populate the data, but queue management, error resolution, API changes, authentication and conflict resolution all needs to be built in to the solution. Basically a lot of work and a lot of money spent. Then there is the added pain of maintenance!

In my humble opinion, getting an out of the box solution is a no brainer here, but yes, you are spoilt for choices there. The advantages with Exalate are the endless customization that is possible i.e. it would almost certainly be able to address a complex use case. The scalability and stability are also great. If you are after other solutions, then it would most likely need to be a combination of tools that support each platform - not ideal!

Hope it helps!