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I'm pretty new to the DevOps world and I'm curious to figure out how I can align all the outputs of all my pipelines to come from the source branch when a release is created. We currently do all Pull Requests into a develop branch during our three week sprint cycles and then once a Sprint is finished we cut a release branch that is named "releases/X.Y.Z" where "X.Y.Z" is the final version of the main application we sell to our customers. This means that we'll have a new release branch name at the end of every sprint.  Along with our main application we also have 9 other build artifacts that we include, each coming from their own build pipelines.


What we are trying to accomplish, or find a better approach to our implementation, is that when a new build artifact is available for any of the 10 pipelines, we want a new release to show up on the board that only contains the latest artifacts from ALL 10 of the pipeline artifacts for the release branch that was just updated. Meaning, if I click on the release and view the Release Artifacts, each one is coming from the same branch. And if I verify the versions of each, they are all the latest build output.




New files are checked into the releases/1.2.3 branch which triggers "Build A" to wake up and perform it's work. Once it is completed, the Release board will be triggered to generate a new release with the changes made to releases/1.2.3. However, instead of the release pipeline grabbing the latest version of the latest output for the 9 remaining Build Artifacts that are included in the release, we need it to grab the latest Build outputs from the releases/1.2.3 branch specifically. Thus ensuring that everything that is being deployed is coming from the same branch.


We are currently using the same board to deploy releases from the develop branch and any branch in the releases/* folder. This seems to be causing most of the issues with our board deploying artifacts from different branches. We need the system ensure that all releases contain artifacts from the same branch that caused the release to be generated.


Any insight to get this working or an alternative solution to get around this would be greatly appreciated.


EDIT: We're using the Classic editor if that makes a difference. Not opposed to going YAML if it will give us what we need.





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I suppose you can create a Gate or receive a hook to Azure function with target branch and trigger all the releases from that branch