How to get Azure DevOps Download Pipeline Artifact to just download a file within a folder

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Hello, so I am trying to run an Azure DevOps task that will download a file from a folder from a Build pipeline Artifact. 

This is what the artifact produced looks like: 



Then under the msi folder I have the following: 


In my DownloadPipelineArtifact task, I want to just download the [file-name]-3.16.1.msi file not both. 
I have an itemPattern that will download the files, but it includes the `msi` folder in the download path



How can I get it so that ONLY THE FILE is downloaded. 

I have tried various `itemPath` combinations in my yaml syntax. This is my most current attempt, and it still fails :( 

artifactName: '[artifact-name]'
itemPattern:  |
  [file-name] - 3.16.1.msi


Any help is appreciated. 

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