How do I change the date format in all areas of Azure DevOps web interface?

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I'm fairly new to Azure DevOps and I've just started setting up some projects ready to migrate away from JIRA. However, something I cannot figure out is how to change the date formats in the DevOps web interface. We are in the UK and want UK format dates everywhere (dd/mm/yyyy). I have found that I can change this in my User Settings but it hasn't changed what I see in various screens. For example, dashboard widgets still show American dates. Burndown Trends still show American dates.


This is really frustrating. How do I configure UK dates for all areas for all users? All of our projects will be the same, we will never ever use American dates. I've gone through project settings and organisation settings but can't find it anywhere, and Googling returned nothing useful.


Thanks in advance.

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Same here, want the dashboard dates to be what I select in my profile settings. Bug?



I fixed mine by setting the languages in Chrome exactly like this:




Hi @Dai_Webb  thanks for responding!


Hmm, strange solution and it doesn't work for me. I have Edge based on Chromium and changed the language settings as you describe (but to Swedish), but the dates for dashboards are still US format. Dates in for example queries are in ISO-format (Swedish format). 

hmmm, I have changed it via:


2. click on Settings (gear close to your account name)

3. pick "Language + region"




It is working for me, but I'm not very happy since I;d like to have date: YYYY/MM/DD (from biggest to smallest). Not sure wich country does it this way. It would be pretty helpful if the page shows a hint like Date: MM/DD/YYYY, currency:,....

Thanks for that I didn't know about it but unfortunately, that didn't work for me.
Hi Dai.

I am in the UK and having the same issue with using Edge (v104.0.1293.54). Although I changed the browser and Azure profile language settings, the delivery plan dates are still showing as 'm/dd' not 'dd/m'.

Suggest using an alternative browser for Azure DevOps for now. Chrome works fine with dates displaying according to regional settings.

Not ideal, I know.
I tried logging into Azure DevOps via Edge later in the day and the date settings are now working correctly, ie, 'dd/mm/yyyy'. So after changing Edge browser and Azure profile region settings, try restarting as it may be a while for the changes to take effect.