GitHub Shots Bootcamp Live on Microsoft Dev Radio, February 2022


A six part training series created by the DevOps community within Microsoft


When the people at Microsoft who practice DevOps realized there was a need for training to get everyone ready to use GitHub, hundreds of us came together to learn from our peers through an interactive, 6 part series. This February, we’re inviting everyone to join us as we deliver the series live so we can share with the broader community. We’ll be getting together on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting February 1st to help anyone who is interested in getting up to speed on how to get the most out of GitHub with your DevOps processes.


All sessions at 8:00 AM Pacific on our YouTube channel Microsoft Dev Radio


Feb 1, 2022: Introduction to GitHub

Audience: Everyone

  • Why GitHub?
  • Products and roadmap
  • Azure DevOps and GitHub comparison
  • GitHub culture

Feb 3, 2022: Agile / Team Project Management

Audience: Everyone

  • GitHub architecture
  • Various entity relationship
  • Agile project management
  • Insights and KPIs

Feb 8, 2022: GitHub Development

Audience: Technical

  • GitHub Repo and Codespaces
  • GitHub Flow / Branch Policy / Pull Requests
  • Intro to CI/CD process
  • GitHub Apps

Feb 10, 2022: Actions workflows

Audience: Technical

  • Action, event, workflow
  • CI process with testing
  • CD process with testing
  • Self-hosted and GitHub hosted runner

Feb 15, 2022: Security and Secret Policy

Audience: Technical

  • GitHub Advanced Security
  • Secrets handling
  • Authentication and Aothorization
  • Security Branching Protection

Feb 17, 2022: InnerSourcing and Ask Anything

Audience: Everyone

  • Open Source practices for any organizations dev process
  • Microsoft and GitHub share how we use GitHub
  • Bring your questions!

See you there!

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