Differentiate manually created DevOps work items and work items created by REST API

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We have created an application/form which creates work items (User Story) in Azure DevOps using REST API. We are using Power BI to visualize these created work items.


Problem -

Few users login directly into the Azure DevOps portal and create user stories (i.e., not through the application). So, we have created a separate field in ADO (ex: created from form) and appended true for work items through REST API. so that we know the work items from application.


But few users copy the existing work items that are created from application and create new. which also copies the "created from form" field value (as true) at last becoming difficult for us to visualize only the work items that are created by REST API and not the work items that are created manually.


Is there any option or field that can be used to differentiate them?


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