Cost analysis per project basis

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We want to know the cost per-project basis. For example, we created 2 projects in the organization now we want to get cost analysis of each project. Is there any way to achieve this, thanks?

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Either use tags or best way is to use subscriptions so that way cost differential will be easy . If you have already created in same subscription then use tags and generate reports based on tags or else use Azure resource mover to create a new subscription and move the resources
Thank you so much Chandrasekhar. One more query i am able to tagged project during creation but that tag does not appear in cost analysis service. Also could you please help me in pipeline tagging, i didn't find way to tag pipeline while we can tag build but not pipeline.
Not sure how to tag a pipeline I usually tag the resources groups or enforce tags via policy you can find a build in policy
also found below article that might give some pointer hope that helps
Thanks, As suggested by you, i set up 2 subscriptions in 1 organization. Project1 is created by default in subscription-1 and via command line i created project-2 in subscription-2. It means i can see cost analysis of project-2 resources by set subscription-2 in cost analysis. Please correct me if my understanding is wrong. Thanks.
Yes you are right now you can view the individual cost of resources that are separated by subscription