Code metrics and reports - Specifically file extensions

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Hi there,


I'm currently looking at ways to improve our pull requests and one of the pieces of information I would like to attain is what file types we use across our company. We host all our source code within MS DevOps (Git) and I'd like to predominantly know the breakdown of file types. However other metrics would be awesome.


Knowing we have 200 *.ts files and 10 *.java files is super powerful. Is there anything in DevOps which would give this insight? I imagine there are plenty of file types I'm not aware of. I'd like to do this at an organisation level if possible but project level would suffice.


Pseudo code;

SELECT count(*), file_extension FROM * GROUP BY file_extension

We are using the cloud version so obviously there is no where for SQL but it's to give an example :)



Thanks in advance.

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