Change a ScaleSet in an existing and running Azure DevOps Agent Pool?

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Maybe some of you already have done something similar.

We created a dedicated, self hosted AZ DevOps Agent Pool in one of our subscriptions with terraform.

So terraform being terraform and DevOps doing its magic with the agent pools, any major update on the scale set results to a recreation of the scale set with corresponding downtime.

My question is: has anyone experience how AZ DevOps reacts when you change the target Scale Set of a running Agent Pool? 

A little downtime is fine with we but I would really love to being able to deploy the new infra running parallel to the old agent set and then switch. Also having a fallback to the old agent pool would be a major bonus.

As long as an Agent Pools doesnt support more than 1 scale sets that seemed to be the most viable solution.

Anyone here ever tried anything like this?



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