Can I track product backlog item after sending it to another team's area

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I have two product teams X and Y and these product teams do work with Service teams A, B and C.

During planning we plan for Product team X and Y but later the work flows out to services team A, B and C. which means we change the area path and iteration of the work items from X or Y to A/B/C.

Once we move the items, there is no collective visibility on what is happening in X and Y.

is there a way to get a collective sprint view of X and Y even after sending out the work to A, B and C. Keeping in mind that X team's work is non relevant to Y team's work so we need to segregate as


One sprint view as - X team's work + A team (Assigned by X) + B Team (Assigned work by X) + C Team (Assigned work by X)


Second Sprint view as - Y team's work + A team (Assigned by Y) + B Team (Assigned work by Y) + C Team (Assigned work by Y)

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