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image.pngAt Ignite 2017, we launched the new Microsoft Azure Essentials, the best place to get started with and learn more about Azure.

Don`t know what is Azure, or want to learn more about Azure and Cloud? Just choose a topic and use the curated set of demo videos, hands-on labs, and product trials to learn about and try Azure at your own pace. Be sure to also check out the  Azure learning paths, and Azure certification. 


You can access all this content for free at




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This is GREAT!

Let us know what you think about the material, Harjit :)
Great! Thanks!
Could you please help me to create a AzureSQL replication alerts in portal. Thanks Bala
Great post and great resources!!!
Hi Guys, I would like to learn more about active directory and SQL server.. What info do you have from a starting point of what the functionality of each of these are?

Great! Thank you!

Great material! Thanks for the post.

couldn't have found a better place to expand my knowledge around Azure

Thank you all for the great interest and feedback on Azure Essentials. 


The response to the program has been overwhelming, and to help you learn more we`ve just upgraded Azure Essentials by adding new topics, implementing a progress tracker, and making the content available before you have to log in :)


You can see my post on the program news or simply go to and enjoy the new topics.

Hey Lance, for Active Directory the Managing Identity on Azure Essentials is a great starting point. For SQL Server this page may help you get started :) 

Thank you for sharing us. it is a really useful resource for me