Azure Devops Sprint board is not usable, and does not save changes

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Hej Azure Devops developers and community,

I have multiple issues with my Azure Devops sprint board.
1. The new item button does not work. Nothing happens on click.


2. When I drag items on a board, the changes arent saved. Such that I have a different order than my teammates (How this is even allowed ever is insane???). Furthermore on refresh none of my changes have been saved.


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@MikaelJ I have not seen changes not being saved, and the new button works for me.  So not sure about that one.  But I can comment on how the ordering and the displayed columns in the Boards and Backlog views are different for each user.  We found this in our team.  I'd set up the columns and everything for Epic and Feature views, then presented to my team, and their views were default.


The Queries are the same for everyone, though.  So perhaps try that?

@ilarsenYes so the issue is, it is not working for only me in my team. Other team members can use the board successfully. The board state is not the same for me and another team member. This is catastrophic for the usability.

I have had similar issues in 2023, just saving and adding items to the boards hangs most of the time recently , going back to Jira