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What are the options to backup - primarily repositories - in Azure DevOps for Cloud?  It looks like some vendors are starting to get in that space.   We are primarily focused on the backup and restoration of Repositories.  When I do a search, I see the option to export or backup repositories if we are on the server install - but not the cloud.

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Hi @AnnaPR 


the feature isn't there because Azure DevOps cloud provides built-in capabilities for ensuring the integrity and availability of your repositories. But you have to know that if a repo is deleted you have appr. 28-90 days before it is permanently deleted. 


Another solution is to use third-party tools to backup the repo like "Azure DevOps Backup Tool" by  Solidify AB,.... or you can backup your projects by downloading them as a zip to save it on your local machine/server and then upload it to restore them.


An even more structure way is to automate it via a pipeline. 

Here the procedure: Backup Azure DevOps Git Repositories - CloudFronts



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I know there is a tool on AKS backup, may consider 3rd party tools for Azure DevOps backup if really need this: