Azure devops server on small local network

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Suppose a local area network with 3 computers(A,B,C) connected by cable without a server.

I installed azure devops server and hosted it on IIS of computer A .

Everything works fine and computer A can sign in to azure dev ops by username and password of current windows account.


If other computers try to access this URL throw browser , a sign in dialog box will appear and they can't sign in with their windows account username and password.

how can i add these computers to azure dev ops as users?



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Both three of the servers are standalone?


2023-04-14 09 25 26.jpg

All three computer are connected to a wifi-modem.

I created a workgroup, computers can share files and ping others throw CMD command.


Is it possible to create user or add them by ip or workgroup in azure devops server?


when i want to add user , it only allows me to search throw system Users and Group.


Is it possible to add other computers to system users and group?