Azure DevOps Project Backup

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Hi all,


Is there any way to backup entire project in Azure DevOps (one click backup). I don't feel there is any option to do so in an organization.


However individual items/repos/artifacts/pipelines can be exported but its a cumbersome process; if your project size is large!

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This feature doesn't exist .
You need to export individual items as you mentionned . For Azure Repos for example you can setup a pipeline with tasks to git clone and copy files to Azure Blob . For Azure Boards you can bulk export items and so on so forth . For most of the components solutions can be automated .
You can consider also using Azure DevOps server in a VM and backup this VM.
I'm also looking for a solution like this. We need to create a backup of our work items and their relationships with all details. Anything like this exist yet?
I have the same ask as well.

@harshalvaidya we have actually completed this work for Azure Devops backup platform called Backrightup (


We focused on being able to restore all the underlying entities first and then we have rolled that into a parent job for our customers.


I'd be happy to have a call and show you