Azure DevOps pipeline: remote powershell task seems never finish

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I try the "run powershell on remote machines" task to restart my Tomcat (java) service on the Windows server.
It just keep printing useless info in the console




Here is the detail about the powershell script:
1. stop Tomcat service (call a .bat file)
2. move .jar files to right location & replace old files
3. start Tomcat service (call a .bat file)


& D:\MY\PATH\stop.bat;

Copy-Item -Path "D:/s-1.0.jar" -Destination $sqs_path -Force;

& D:\MY\PATH\start.bat;


When I run the same command directly in that windows server, the "powershell part" trigger .bat script job, then get back to powershell console successfully .
Later, a new window pops out. The new window is Tomcat server that shows logs of my service.


However, when I do the same job with Azure release pipeline, the Tomcat window did not show up.
And release job console keep hanging.
I think somewhat the output of popout window has be redirected to the console in release pipeline.


In addition, if I cancel the release job. my Tomcat service still working. (just without console to debug)


Or, another thought, can I achieve my goal with other task? (powershell is not a "must")


Any suggestion would be appreciated.



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@Han_Shih did you find a solution to this? We are having the same problem - a pipeline never finishing a powershell script. If we log into the build server and run the scripts manually it runs just fine.