Azure DevOps Integration with Project Online

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I am looking into ways to integrate the work being in Azure DevOps with project management level tracking in MS Project online to avoid the duplication of work when creating timeline views & portfolio management presentations.


From what I understand, you must purchase a third party app to accomplish this. Has anyone found one that they like and can speak to why? Or am I missing a way to integrate the two without purchasing a solution?

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I personally, haven't done it but could you look at exporting a query or work items to CSV then importing them into project?


Or potentially look into Power Automate:

@mwolfe478 Did you ever determine the best way to accomplish this? I'd like to do same.

Never did- we ended up pulling queries out of Azure devops into Power BI and presenting work that way, not utilizing project online at all. @cemcflc1 

@mwolfe478 Thanks so much for the prompt feedback. Greatly appreciated! We also use Power BI, so will do same. Do you happen to have the steps on how to accomplish same? :)

@cemcflc1 When connecting to Power Bi...Did you happen to find a way of extracting the effort per task?


Thanks - David