Azure DevOps 2020 (OnPremise) sporadic slow

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I've the problem that during a work day our local Installation (Devops 2020 v1.2) reacts very slow for some minutes. 

The Server is bored at the same time. As a try we alreade deactivated local firewall and antivir.

The only thing I could noticed, that when Devops reacts slow, in the Devops server mangement console the security features (like group membership or security administration point ) also reacts slow

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Hi @eflinger


It's an known issue that started coming up with Azure DevOps 2019.

Usually it has to do with the antivirus, but in your situation you can try the following solutions:


1. Patch the server to the latest version Azure DevOps Server Release Notes - Azure DevOps Server & TFS | Microsoft Learn

2. Or add more memory to the server


Please let me know if you have any other questions!


thanks i'll try the patches.
Antivirus is already deactivated.
You say the symptom appears during the work day. If you have everything installed on a single server, SQL, and Azure DevOps its likely the system doesn't have enough CPU or memory to handle the user load. IIS can use a lot of CPU and memory and that can starve SQL. The opposite is also true, if SQL server becomes busy then IIS is starved for resources. Look at your performance data. Or scale out the environment.
Actually I've installed all patches today. I'll take a look if it helps.
Normally when DevOps is getting slow, the memory usage is about 60% of 16GB and the
CPU Usage is under 10%.
I've only a virtual machine with 1 CPU and 2 cores. I'll take a look that it department add an additional CPU