AzDO SNow metadata tab fields?

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Our organization has the Azure DevOps ServiceNow integration enabled and changes are getting created automagically by AzDO. Woho!!


However, the Azure DevOps Pipeline Metadata tab has some fields are that only getting populated very irregularly. Namely the Build Id, Stage Id, and Stage Attempt fields. Hardly ever get populated. Pipeline metadata field works as expected with the pipeline's release URL.


Despite my best research, I can find frighteningly little on these fields, their intended purposes, what they should be populated with.


Any insight on what, why, and how would be greatly appreciated!

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Matt, hello. Did you use any tool to make the connection between the two systems? If you're open to using one, you can try zigiops. It can be customized to fit various use cases - you can determine which fields to be populated and which not. 

Hello Diana. Yes with the integration enabled on both AzDO and SNow. I'll look into Zigiops. Ideally, a solution is available without another tool since these fields are present "OOB" with the existing plug-in