Analytics View Timing

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If I create an Analytics View with a date range of a single day, at what point in that day is the data from?

e.g is is 00:00 (start of day), or is it 23:59:59 (end of day), or can I specify the time, e.g. 17:00:00 (Time of release to XXX environment).


Many thanks.

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Ok 30 views but no replies. I'm probably asking a bit much as I haven't waited all that long. Sorry for my impatience.
From my own analysis it appears that the the extract is taken at end of day, since I have observed a work item that changed states multiple times during the day and the AV extracted the item in its later state.
Now, this brings me to a follow on question: Is it possible to create a view containing every change throughout the day, with their associated timestamps? Daily extracts misses some changes and in the situation where nothing has changed a daily extract needlessly duplicates a record, making the table bigger and slowing performance.

Thank you anyone who can help.


Try the Time in State for Azure DevOps extension to analyze the time spent .

You can set any date range, and the filtering will be displayed correctly.

I hope you find the extension useful.