Always 50+ work items related to build pipeline

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We have a repo with a main and development branch. From the development branch we create feature branches. When we create a PR from feature to development there must be linked at least one work item. But if the build is running (automaticly after approve and close PR) there are always 50+ work items related to the build. I searched for settings but can't find anything. What is wrong here? Please advice. Thanks you!



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Did you find a solution to this? We're also experiencing that all past work items in our repo are being updated with each new PR approval.
No. We didn't find out WhatsApp wrong. We test also a new repo. Work items linked to a build are correct. On the release the number of work items still growing.

@marcelvos Assuming no solution found yet?  I'm having a hard time finding any documentation that at least talks about the Related items are determined etc.. ugh.

We think that the problem was coust by an extenstion (Work Item Updater). Since we use our own scripts the issue is gone for new builds.