Active state vs In Development

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Could someone tell me what is the difference between the "Active" and "In Development" states in DevOps?


We're using DevOps for managing our project work and when starting on work we are confused as to whether we should be using "Active" or "In Development"? 



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Depends which of the 4 process-types you're using, and whether any custom process has been applied to the process your project is using.  More here: workflow states in Azure Boards

As mentioned in the previous comment, the states depend on which of the four types of workflows you use.

I suggest you use the Time in State for Azure DevOps extension to track state changes in Work Items, calculate how much time they spend in each state, etc

The following reports are available: Time in State, State Count, and Transition Count. It is also possible to export them to Excel.

I hope you find it helpful.