WVD scaling tool built on Logic Apps and Azure automation


We released a new version of WVD scaling tool built on Logic Apps and Azure automation to scale session host VM's. This tool no longer requires an additional virtual machine to run the scaling script. Information on the new tool can be found here.


Guidelines for support are documented here. Please use the label “4a-WVD-scaling-logicapps” when you file the requests in GitHub.

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Have the VM statuses been changed? The WVD scaling script skips VMs based on a status of "NoHeartbeat". As of this weekend the status seems to have switched to "Unavailable" when powered off which has broken the script. I can update the logic but can't see any statements about such aa change.



@Mleach Sorry for the issue. I updated about new status in below thread including details on how to update scaling tool.



@Roop_WVD  should I trust the URI from auto scale scheduler? 

@Roop_WVD I been using the WVD on my LAB and it works well,  but just wandering if there any other trigger that we could use using a users is logging in,  as my one scenario that I have difficulties is that starting the peak time and there are simultaneous login VM starting took time.  So user is cramping on only one machine in the beginning.   Sorry for the question just a noob on Logic APP and its capabilities just trying to expand my knowledge if Automation and Logic APP can handle this.  Thank you.