Management plane in multiple regions


'Desktops and apps can be deployed on virtual machines (VMs) in any Azure region, and the management solution and data for these VMs will reside in the United States (US East 2 region). This may result in data transfer to the United States.'


Is there a road-map for being able to host the management plane in other regions? For some of our customers, UK hosting of services is a requirement and being able to host management in UK is likely to be key factor in their ability to adopt WVD.  Potentially in the shorter term, assurances wrt the data held in the management plane may facilitate an exception.

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@Chris Johnston That is what happened with the "GA" announcement: Management Plane went live on all Azure sites around the world:

@Ola Holtberget It's possible that the documentation is waiting to catch up fully with GA but note: (last updated 09/27/2019)
'Windows Virtual Desktop is currently available for all geographical locations. Initially, service metadata can only be stored in the United States (US) geography.'

I'm not aware of new config options to select the service data location - are you able to provide some further information to clarify how the regional based locating of service data is configured please. It would be really helpful if you could provide some further detail to expand upon your reply. 

From the template Windows Virtual Desktop - Provision a host pool, on the Basic tab the 'Service metadata location' only has one option 'United States' so it looks like the management plane is still US. Anyone from the product team able to confirm when this is likely to be expanded to other regions?

@Christian_Montoya are you able to provide any info on this one?

Anyone, please?