How do I signup for the iOS beta of the Windows Virtual Desktop client?

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I can find lots of instructions on how to set it up but none tell you how to sign up for the beta.



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@Paul Shadwell all of the steps required to setup and connect to the iOS Beta client are included in the same documentation found at


1. On your iOS device, visit

2. Download the Apple TestFlight app from the iOS App Store

3. Head back to the page from Step 1 (above) on your browser and select select Start Testing under the label Step 2 Join the Beta.

4. Accept the invitation on the TestFlight page you are redirect to and install the Beta client.

5. Open the Beta client and add your remote resource feed just as you would on other clients. 




Super, and as a tasty side effect I can also use this client to connect to my on premise RDS/RDWEB Environment.

@briantaintor the trick is to open the page on an iOS device to see the invitation link. This is what I was missing. I was looking for it on a Mac.

One other thing I am missing, what is the feed URL I should be using for Windows Virtual Desktop.
I am adding my account to the app but nothing happens. It looks like I need to enter a feed url.
Can you confirm what this might be?

@Paul Shadwell the full feed url is 


There are options to setup email discovery for a user-specific or group-wide email address. Additionally, feed autocomplete for the iOS client will be functional in the near future, meaning you won't have to enter this full url. 





I just used for the iOS client feed.


I also tried email discovery but it failed. Same email did work for discovery on my Windows client.

@Oletho @briantaintor 
Confirmed, feed discovery works with the URL on iOS.

After setting up the email discovery in our DNS I can also confirm that this is not currently working.
It would be great/useful to be able to distribute the Remote desktop client to iOS devices via MDM and include the URL in the settings.