[Feedback Requested] - Changes to the subscription logic for the Windows Desktop client (MSRDC)


The Windows Desktop client aims to discover all resources available to a user when subscribing.


We are introducing a new subscription logic to support both the Fall and Spring releases of Windows Virtual Desktop better.


This change is now available in the Insiders user group with version 1.2.1102. Start testing in your environment now and provide feedback before June 23,2020.


Feedback is welcomed through Feedback hub or as reply to this post.

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@David Belanger


Tried it out and unfortunately it only picked up my Spring 2020 Workspaces and had the Workspace available for the Fall 2019 Tenant :(



@David Belanger 


Thanks for this. Quick question. We have the following scenarios:


1. Desktop being used by end users are autologged in to the local computer. Previously we put a RDP icon on the desktop and users can login using their credentials to the RDS Server. With the workspace it seems the credentials are required for it to be added in the Workspace client - does the credentials being used to add workspace feed matter? Would any user just be able to use the workspace icon and login to their WVD environment?


2. Haven't tested this on PC - but on Mac if i connect to the workspace - I cannot again connect to that workspace using a different credentials as it shows me connected to that workspace already. Is there a way to start a second session with different credentials?

@Jamesatighe Does your user account have resources on both Fall and Spring deployments?


If so, it found the Spring resources properly since we look there first. You should then automatically see the Fall resources if we were able to get an AAD token for Fall. Otherwise, you should see a placeholder Workspace on the Connection Center letting you know we found additional resources with a Subscribe button so we can get an AAD token for the other deployment.


Is that not what you are seeing?



Q1: Not by default. The AAD credentials used to go through the gateway are the same used to subscribe to the Workspace. When connection is launched, the AAD creds are used to determine the AD account of the user and temporarily add them to the list of allowed users on the session host so the AD credentials need to match. You might be able to test pre-adding all the users to the allowed Remote Desktop users list on the server and it might work but you'd have to test it out.


Q2: Our clients don't currently support subscribing to WVD with 2 different users at the same time. That is something we are investigating for a future release.

Hi David,

Maybe I misunderstood. I thought the change was to make the client pick up both Spring 2020 and Fall 2019 without having to subscribe twice?

I have Multiple HostPools in both Spring and Fall for my user.

When subscribing I only see the Spring resources and have to subscribe again to see the fall. This was exactly how it worked for me before this version.

Kind Regards


@Jamesatighe The client will try to get the resources for both, Spring and Fall. It will acquire an AAD token for Spring update by prompting for an account. Once it's done subscribing, it will try to silently acquire an AAD token for Fall for the same user. If it's able to do so, it will automatically add the Fall resources. If it's unable to do, for example BYOD device where the user hasn't allowed the AAD token to be shared with other apps, it will add a placeholder Workspace on the Connection Center letting the user know they have more resources. Clicking Subscribe on the placeholder Workspace will prompt the user for their account and add the remaining resources.

@David Belanger 

Was working with the MAC client and release that this is not happening on there.  Will you be updating the logic on the MAC client also.

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Thanks everyone for the feedback on this. The June release is now available with the updated subscription logic. Closing this post.

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best response confirmed by Eva Seydl (Microsoft)

Thanks everyone for the feedback on this. The June release is now available with the updated subscription logic. Closing this post.

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