Failed to publish Remote App

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I have set up a new hostpool with 2 machines running the Windows 10 with 365 gallery image and when i try to publish a remote app either from the start menu or file path i get "The IconPath property does not contain a well-formed RDSH file path". This is happening on all apps. Has anyone else seen this or got any ideas?

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I have got the RemoteApps published using powershell. This issue only occurs when using the management portal.

I also get that error in the management portal. I was hoping it would cut down on the time it takes to publish apps, but it was not to be.

@sbuntunI set up a single host test a month or two ago and the portal app publishing worked just fine and still does. Its just this new implementation that doesn't. I wonder if the portal deployment template has been updated since which has caused it to not work anymore.