Announcements at Windows Virtual Desktop Master Class


Windows Virtual Desktop Master Class is a virtual event where Windows Virtual Desktop experts from Microsoft as well as members of our community come together to share tips and best practices for deploying and scaling virtual desktops and remote applications on Azure. We are making several exciting announcements at the event: 

  1. Promotion for new customers through March 31, 2021 - New customers save 30% on Windows Virtual Desktop computing costs for D-series and Bs-series virtual machines for up to 90 days. You can learn more about the offer here. 
  2. Skilling - We are announcing a new Windows Virtual Desktop Specialty certification for professionals planning, delivering, and managing virtual desktop experiences and remote apps on Azure. The related Exam AZ-140: Configuring and operating Windows Virtual Desktop on Microsoft Azure will be available soon in beta version 
    If you are looking for a certified partner to help with you deployment, you can continue to leverage the advanced specialization program which complements the Azure MSP program. 
  3. Product announcements – The features that we had pre-announced at Microsoft Ignite in September are now in public preview: 
    • Azure Monitor for Windows Virtual Desktop -Provides a centralized view with all the monitoring telemetry and visualizations you need to debug and troubleshoot issues. Learn More 
    • MSIX app attach in the Azure portal - MSIX app attach is an application delivery solution that allows you to dynamically attach an application in MSIX format to a user session. Previously, you had to use PowerShell scripts, but now the MSIX app attach capability is available in public preview in the Azure portal and is integrated with Azure Resource Manager. Learn More 
    • Screen capture protection – Disables screen capture for your remote apps and desktop on all the supported Windows Virtual Desktop clients  
    • RDP short path  Establishes a direct peer-to-peer UDP connection to the session host rather than over the internal Windows Virtual Desktop gateways taking into account the type of network from which you are connecting. This provides a secure experience with less connection latency and better performance. Learn More 
  4. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint integration (Generally Available) – With this integration, you get the full investigation experience you have with Windows 10 machines, now for Windows Virtual Desktop VMs. If you are using Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint will support up to 50 concurrent user connections – so you get the cost savings of Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session and the confidence of Microsoft Defender for EndpointLearn More  


For a deep dive into these announcements and to learn more about security, cost optimizationand other topics, tune into the Windows Virtual Desktop Master Class!

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@Kam VedBrat what's the link to register for the hand-on lab today?

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Where can we find the slides and video from today's earlier presentation? 


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Where do we find today's slides and video presentation? It was advised we could have those resources once the event wrapped up. 


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Do we also have this event during EMEA or India time zone? 

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