Adding support for Windows 10 2004 in WVD classic ARM templates



Hi WVD community! We are pleased to announce that our WVD classic ARM templates have been updated. Please reference the list below for details on what we have added.

Changes will take effect in the master branch of our GitHub repo starting Tuesday 8/4 at 12pm PT and in the Azure Marketplace later same week.


Changes to Marketplace UI


  • In the Virtual Machine Settings screen when the Image source is set to Gallery we have added Win 10 2004 in the Image OS version list
  • Entries in the Image OS version have been renamed for Office 365 ProPlus to Microsoft 365 Apps

ARM Template values

Please note that changes in this section also apply when re-deploying previous WVD classic deployments.

  • For the rdshGalleryImageSKU parameter - the following values have been changed from using Win 10 1909 to Win 10 2004. Note that these values are designed to always use to the latest Windows 10 gallery image that this ARM template supports:
    • Windows-10-Enterprise-multi-session-with-Office-365-ProPlus
    • Windows-10-Enterprise-multi-session
    • Windows-10-Enterprise-Latest
  • If you would like to continue using Win 10 1909 please use one of the following values for rdshGalleryImageSKU:
    • Windows-10-Enterprise-multi-session-with-Office-365-ProPlus-1909
    • Windows-10-Enterprise-multi-session-1909
    • Windows-10-Enterprise-1909
  • If you would like to always use Win 10 2004 even when newer versions of Win 10 are added in the future please use one of the following values for rdshGalleryImageSKU:
    • Windows-10-Enterprise-multi-session-with-Office-365-ProPlus-2004
    • Windows-10-Enterprise-multi-session-2004
    • Windows-10-Enterprise-2004

Happy deployment.

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