Remote Desktop - on the Mac - All monitors stopped working on version 10.7.7

Remote Desktop - on the Mac - All monitors stopped working on version 10.7.7



 Jul 04 2022
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The option "Use all monitors" has been working flawlesslly for me for several years (all through COVID).   A few days ago, it stopped working.  I believe it is a bug introduced in the update 10.7.7, on the MacOS version of Remote Desktop, downloaded around 29-Jun-2022.


Please fix this bug and issue an update ASAP.

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Some potential work arounds, I'm finding for myself.


1. Reinstall old version from a time machine back-up:

2. Find an older version of the beta version of Mac Remote Desktop & install it from here:


Could also be caused by changes to remote desktop server by my network admin people.  (sigh)

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It was the version 10.7.7 of the mac client.    After several tries, the older version from the beta site - 

10.7.6, (1972), 03-Feb-2022 - starting working immediately.

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Getting the same across many macOS clients running version 10.7.7 (2001) client version of MRD. Wish we had seen this post earlier, thanks @Duncan Wilcock for raising this with MSFT and posting some potential workarounds.


We reverted back to version 10.7.6 (1972) from the Beta site, since the 10.7.6 (1972) is no longer available from the Apple App Store.

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Glad it helped @forrestwu  and is helping some others.   

I believe the detail above definitely identifies the problem, and a workaround/fix for now.


Hi @Duncan Wilcock@forrestwu

Apologies for any inconvenience this issue has caused, I have let the dev team know! I'll let you know if we have any follow up questions for you in the case of debugging. Thanks for helping others find a way to revert to 10.6.7 and continue productivity. 

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You're welcome @js351 .  I appreciate the thank you. 

Best wishes & have a lovely weekend.

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Look like there was a regression in this fix, All monitors work file on the latest beta, Version 10.7.8 (2004) as long as I have the monitors arranged horizontally in display preferences (not ideal).


Version 10.7.7 (1980) is the last version that works for me with a vertical arrangement of the monitors. Get if from the beta download page

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Rel 10.7.8 still doesn't have multiple monitor support. Still on 10.7.6 beta.

Hopefully there's a fix soon.

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Wow.  Shocking.  Thanks for the update & confirmation!


The fix is available on the latest beta client version 10.7.9 (build 2011). You can get it from


Send us a screenshot of your display arrangement if you're still hitting the issue after trying with the latest build

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Back in business!

10.7.9 (build 2011) works for my monitor arrangement.