Jun 10 2021
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Please make it possible to provide a fixed cost per user when building WVD. This enables partners to build subscription based solutions.

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This may be of interest, the Nerdio WVD Calculator gives a good indication of per-user costs:


  • NZ $79 per user per month
  • average across 40 user(s)
  • Includes Azure, Office365, M365, W10, WVD & NFA Enterprise

Could be a good alternative in the meantime to help work out user costings.


@elliottchandler the Azure Pricing Calculator has now been updated to provide slightly more accurate pricing information (Pricing calculator | Microsoft Azure). This now will provide a price/user/month, however doesn't include any M365 costing, so there are still some elements that you need to add. 


We've also got the solution configurator which can do something similar, this can be found on our partner page for AVD. I do find that it's often best to build estimates from the base resources being used, please reach out to me if your partners need help pricing up their solutions.