Opening rdp:// URLs seems broken on M1 or macOS 12.2

Opening rdp:// URLs seems broken on M1 or macOS 12.2



 Feb 14 2022
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The ability top open a Microsoft Remote Desktop session from the command line on a mac is something I've used and love for years.  It still works fine in the RDP (v10.7.6) running on my older machine running macOS 10.15, but the same version on a new M1 machine running 12.2 doesn't open the exact same links.  Here's a stripped down minimal example:


open "rdp://full"


It launches RDP client and tries to connect to the indicated server on the x86 machine, but throws this error on the M1 machine:  No application knows how to open URL rdp://...


There was mention of a new URL format in recent release notes, but it seems very bare-bones.  I couldn't find any way to specify the options the old rdp:// format allows.  Can the old format still work on M1 machines at least until the new ms-rd:// format is fleshed out more? 


Status changed to: Planned

Hi @BenjaminTauer ,

Thank you for the feedback. This will be relayed to dev team and we will keep you updated on the progress