Issue with Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac

Issue with Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac



 Dec 27 2021
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With the latest update for Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac, version 10.7.3, we are not able to successfully connect to her work computer. We had assistance with her employer's IT service desk, and they stated there is an issue with the computer connecting to the network. The settings were confirmed to be correct and we are using the same settings on her PC. This is very frustrating and disrupting her ability to work from home at times. Any suggestions to resolve the issue would be greatly appreciated.

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I am having the same issue. Other users in our workplace who have not updated to the latest version are not having connection issues and are able to work. Very frustrating. I also would appreciate suggestions to resolve. The RDP needs to be updated or needs to be reverted back to prior versions until this one can be remedied. I will be turning off the auto-update feature for apps from the AppStore on my Mac to prevent this from happening again.

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I believe this is being worked on by the Microsoft Engineering teams, using a previous version of the agent is the workaround at the moment.

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I'm having the same issue.  worked perfectly until the latest update.  How do you go about installing the previous version?  


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@Luke Murray  Thank you for the assistance on the thread. And yes the engineeringteam is working on a fix for this regression, apologies for the inconvenience @amerkes1989 @Nancy_Squires