Drag selection not working when switching between monitors

Drag selection not working when switching between monitors



 Oct 31 2022
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On MacOs it seems that a mouse drag is not possible when switching from a screen to an other, a mouse click is needed first when moving to an other screen so the drag can work.

example : RDP full screen on all monitors, all the monitors showing the desktop. drag a selection  square on the desktop of one monitor, this work, move the mouse to an other monitor, try to do them same (drag a selection square on the desktop), this do not work, you need to do a click in the monitor before so the drag work. this is really annoying when working on several software where often have do to drag selection and switching from one monitor to an other. I am using RDP since many years with the same configuration and I don't remember having this issue before. let me know if this problem can be fixed on my side or if this is a bug. We are several people with this issue. thanks a lot 


Configuration : MacBook Pro, RDP connected to a Windows workstation, 3 monitors.


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tldr; this bug is still here and annoying aF. I've returned to using Version 10.7.6


Config: 2 monitors in use with MacOS 10.14.6 "Mojave" (yes, i know!).


The App Store stopped working for me last year, so i got stuck on RDP version 10.7.6. Recently we got Yubikeys at work, which were not yet hot-pluggable in that RDP version. Collegue using the same setup, but with current RDP version, told me that they did not need to reconnect a session after plugging in a yubikey.

So I decided to finally debug and fix that Store problem, not knowing about other ways to obtain a current version. Massive pita, but eventually got it. Upgraded to RDP 10.8.1 and got this bug driving me mad during the next week working from home, until i realized that it's a client-side problem when i returned to the office and the problem was nonexistant at the physical machine.

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Hey @TabisKabis

I confirm that reverting to 10.7.6 (thanks to the Microsoft Remote Desktop Beta https://install.appcenter.ms/orgs/rdmacios-k2vy/apps/microsoft-remote-desktop-for-mac/distribution_g...) the issue doesn't exist in this version. So I will continue to use 10.7.6 until the bug is corrected in the future release. 

Thanks for the tip @TabisKabis. Hope that microsoft consider correcting this very annoying bug.